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Welcome to Car Mat Kings: The Premier Destination for Custom Citroen Car Mats!

Car Mat Kings is a prestigious UK-based producer of made-to-order car mats, specialising in personalised solutions for all Citroen models. With a foundation built on over 900 5-star reviews, our customers trust us for unparalleled service, competitive prices, and the perfect fit for their prized vehicles. Explore our extensive range of materials and customisation options to craft the ideal car mats for your Citroen.

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Why Car Mat Kings is the Top Choice

  • Competitive pricing on all Citroen car mats
  • Prompt 7-day delivery assurance
  • Custom-fit car mats for every Citroen model
  • Over 900 5-star reviews from delighted customers
  • Complimentary shipping on all orders
  • Superior materials and personalisation choices

Choose Your Perfect Material

Car Mat Kings provides Citroen car mats in a range of materials to match your needs and budget:

  • Rugged heavy-duty rubber for the ultimate protection and durability
  • Standard carpet for a balance of comfort and value
  • Plush premium carpet for an opulent feel
  • Refined deluxe carpet for the pinnacle of elegance and luxury

Customise Your Car Mats with Colourful Trims

Infuse your Citroen car mats with your personal style using our selection of vibrant trims:

  • Classic black for a timeless, sophisticated appearance
  • Bright blue for a lively pop of colour
  • Fiery red for a bold and striking statement
  • Stylish green for an elegant, unique touch

Personalisation Services for Memorable Gifts

Seeking an extraordinary gift for someone special? Our customisation services enable you to personalise Citroen car mats, making them a fantastic choice for momentous events, holidays, or family occasions.

Citroen: Impressive Facts and Figures

As a proud Citroen owner, it’s essential to recognise the remarkable history and achievements that distinguish this iconic brand:

  • Established: Citroen was founded in 1919 in Paris, France, with a long-standing tradition of automotive innovation
  • Notable Models: Citroen has produced numerous celebrated models, including the 2CV, DS, C3, and C5
  • Technological Leadership: Citroen is renowned for pioneering advancements such as hydropneumatic suspension, swivelling headlights, and the Cactus Airbump technology
  • Design Philosophy: Citroen is known for its unique design language, featuring innovative shapes, bold proportions, and a focus on comfort
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